New Hater App allows people to share things they don't like

(WXYZ) - With social media, we're all used to sharing things we like. But now one app is aiming to get away from all of that positivity.

It's called the Hater App for all things you, well… hate. From bad traffic jams to unruly sideburns, people are free to share things that they just don't like.

Users can post a rant or share an image for all of their friends and followers to see. 

The app's creator Jake Banks says he feels like other social media platforms are too polite and aren't reflective of the way society really feels.

Banks says the beta version of the app was launched at SXSW last week and has since had 40,000 downloads.

But, you know, hate isn't all bad.

Jake stresses that one of the goals of this app is to hate for good. 

Jake says you can use Hater to create awareness for a cause. For example, a lot of people can post about hating cancer or world hunger and can come together to form a movement.

Jake wants to make it clear that this wasn't created for meanness and bullying will not be tolerated; it's just simply a place where people can be free about sharing things they don't like in this world.

Even if you hate the app, you can't really hate the price, because it's free to download for the iPhone. Several updated versions are expected to be released in the coming weeks. Jake says they are also working on an app for the Android.

To read more about the Hater App, go here:

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