New social media site "Pheed" launches

(WXYZ) - Look out Twitter, move over Facebook--a new social media site has hit the internet. 

"Its kind of cooler than your twitter or Facebook. Some people on their Facebook --they've got their mom as a friend, their dad as a friend their boss as a friend, their neighbor as a friend and that's not necessarily cool," says record producer Tony DeNiro. 

 DeNiro set out to create a "cooler" social media network. He calls it Pheed--and unlike Facebook or Twitter, he says users will own and control their own content. Paris Hilton, for instance, has a Pheed, but it'll cost fans $2.99 to subscribe to her. Musicians like Mike Posner don't charge for the Pheed, but they could sell music, videos and even t-shirts through their page.

"Already we have 200 of the most influential people that are on Twitter on our platform and those type of people sort of dictate the trend and it sort of like trickles down from there to the middle of America and to the every day person," says DeNiro. 

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