New war on second-hand smoke in Michigan

(WXYZ) - Some Dundee Middle School students are working to make a difference in Michigan.

They created the group called S.T.O.P. or Smart Teens Opposed to Poisoning. The 8th graders' teacher Steve Jacobs challenged them at the beginning of the school year.

"I said to the students I want you to find a problem you can solve .. a big problem .. a world problem," says Mr. Jacobs.

The kids decided they want a statewide ban on smoking in cars when kids are inside.

Student Lauren Corie says "I've been in that situation before with grandparents who were smoking and they were driving their car. I didn't speak up. I didn't feel comfortable doing it and when got home I got bronchitis."

The group now has the attention of State Representative Dale Zorn.

"They had their numbers, their ideas and concern. I believe that concern is working and I'm looking at helping students reach their goal," says Rep. Zorn.

The students' goal is a law that would fine adults $100 if they're caught smoking in the car while anyone under the age of 18 is present.

Similar laws are already in effect in 6 other states.

Rep. Zorn says the teens' idea is similar to a bill that has already been introduced, but has stalled. He thinks the teens could be the push that's needed.

"They're concerned about the environment they live in and they want to make quality of life better," he says. 

The teens have done a lot of research and started a Facebook page for S.T.O.P.

They know this could be a long process.

"We just set up a meeting with our principal trying to make this a class for next year so this doesn't end when we walk out of the middle school," says Lauren Corie.

Their teacher, Mr. Jacobs, has no doubt they can accomplish their goal.

"If we can protect one child, we've done our job," says Mr. Jacobs.

Check out the campaign's Facebook HERE and website HERE.      


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