Next Texting feature tells DDOT riders exactly where buses are

DETROIT - Imagine waiting for the bus! It's supposed to be where you are, but it's not! Where is it? It's a question that has been asked countless times over the years, but now there's a new tool that students or anyone for that matter, can use to figure out exactly where the bus is and when it will get to you.

Anyone who rids the bus knows that they're not always on schedule, in Detroit or anywhere for that matter.

"A lot of the public transportation has been like you know really behind and I'm not faulting the D-O-T, it's just you know; things happen!"

Tiffane Moore knows all to well, so much so, she has decided to drive her daughter to school personally. Not only to ensure she gets there safely but also on time.

But now, if her daughter Mya were to ride the bus she could get a text message alerting her of the exact location of the bus.

"It shows you exactly where the bus is at. It doesn't show you the schedule of the bus. It shows you where the bus is located.

Brandon Rutland does ride DDOT buses to school and he was on hand at a press conference as the new system was unveiled. It's high tech, but It's actually quite simple. All DDOT buses are equipped with GPS locators. You simply text the location of your bus stop to 5-0-4-6-4 and follow the prompts and when you're done it will tell you when the next two buses will be at that location.

"What this represents is real time data. You're tracking exactly where that bus is on it's route."

Alicia Roualt is with Code America, the firm that worked hand and hand with DDOT to bring this technology to Detroit. It's technology that's been around for years in places like San Francisco.

Although students will certainly be encouraged to use the service, anyone can use it.

The system is free to use other than standard text messaging rates that your carrier charges.

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