Nissan develops self-cleaning car prototype

(WXYZ) - Keeping your car clean can be a task, especially if you have to endure the winter that we just did.

But what if your car simply cleaned itself?

Nissan Europe has developed the first ever self-cleaning vehicle prototype.

What's the trick? It's all in the paint. The specially engineered paint repels water, oils, mud, rain and everyday dirt.

The automaker has been testing the paint on the Nissan Note. Engineers say the coating has been responding well to enduring all sorts of elements.

The chief marketing manager for the Nissan Note says in a press release that the engineers are constantly thinking of new ways to make families lives easier.

I mean, could you imagine your car looking pristine all of the time without having to constantly run it through a car wash?

Nissan says they will consider the coating technology as a possible aftermarket option in the future. 

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