No-Fly ruling may impact many in metro Detroit

Dearborn, Mich. (WXYZ) - Nasser Beydoun is a successful business owner in Dearborn.

"I am an American," says Beydoun.

He was born and raised here. But says, "When I travel, I have to go through these extra procedures."

He’s on a list--similar to the no-fly list--that allows him to take off, but only after layers of extra screening and scrutiny.

He showed us letters between him and Homeland Security, as he has tried in vain to get off a list he doesn’t know why he is even on.

"Oh definitely it's unconstitutional--you have no due process," he says.

However, he counts himself lucky he isn’t on the stricter list.

The no-fly list was established after the 9/11 attacks. It bars those on it from flying within the US or to and from.

It means the FBI has flagged you on suspicion of having ties to terrorism. But in many cases--those on the list say--it's simply not true.

This week, a federal judge ruled the government’s practice of randomly denying travel to those they flag to be a violation of their rights--saying there is no meaningful way to contest that decision.

Metro Detroit lawyer Nabih Ayad has the only other case in the country on appeal that deals with the same issue.

"Flying overseas is a constitutional right," says Ayad. "Before, that has never been established in the history of this nation."

He says he has had to sue the government to get clients off the list. He expects his case to get the same result as the other one this week.

"People ought to know exactly what they are being faced with--what they are being charged with--before they are put on this list," he says.

The Justice Department has yet to comment on the ruling.



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