Northville middle schoolers say they were forced to walk home after being dropped off at random spot

NORTHVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) - It was supposed to be a fun Friday after school, but some middle school students in Northville found themselves far from home after their bus driver asked them to get off before their stops.

Now, parents are looking for answers.

With parental consent, 7 Action News asked the children on the bus exactly what happened.

"This is some good footage!" said Tamara Griffin, showing off the video on her phone to friends. It's no viral video, but Tamara's movie is getting the attention of friends at the bus stop. That's because the 6th grader shot the clip on the bus ride home. The problem is, the kids in the video never made it home on the bus.

"Just dropped us all off!" said Tamara's friend Jordan.

"Yeah, [the driver] just dropped us all off at the side of the road on 6 Mile." said another friend Harrison.

Students at Meads Mill Middle School say some of the kids had to walk more than a mile just to get home. The Northville School District tells 7 Action News the substitute bus driver violated policy by dropping kids off at a random location.

"There's traffic out here," said Tamara, "Ton of people driving fast and stuff. Someone could have got hit. Or someone could have gotten taken."

Students admit the driver pulled over twice before dropping them off to try and get some of the kids to sit down.

"He got mad because of me." said Jordan, a 7th grader at Meads Mill, "I wasn't necessarily standing up, but I was, like, sitting on my knees."

Parents say regardless of behavior, the move to cut the ride short is one they're not happy with.

"No, it's not cool," said Tamara's mother Angela Melone, "And that's a busy street. It's a big wooded area, so there's a lot of traffic."

"I will be up there when school opens up Monday to find out why my son had to walk home." said Tanisha C., whose son arrived home late after getting dropped off.

The Northville School District says it has started an investigation into exactly what happened on the bus ride. District leaders say the substitute driver has been put on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.

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