Oakland Community College to ban smoking on all property

(WXYZ) - Oakland Community College will enforce a ban on smoking starting September 1st.

The Board of Trustees passed a resolution to forbid the use of cigars, cigarettes, pipes and even chewing tobacco and snuff.

"The board's purpose in initiating the policy responds to frequently expressed complaints by students and employees regarding second hand smoke, as well as our concern for the health and well-being of all who attend, work at, or visit the college," said OCC Chancellor Timothy R. Meyer.  "An additional benefit is the elimination of litter associated with smoking," Meyer added.

Anyone who violates the new policy will be told to stop and could face infractions or disciplinary action.

Right now the college has a campaign to make the community aware of the new anti-smoking policy.

Oakland Community College has five campuses in Oakland County making it the largest of the state's community colleges and ranking it the 21st largest in the country.


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