Oakland County 4-year-old may have eaten "marijuana cookie"

(WXYZ) - A 4-year-old girl in Oakland County may have eaten a marijuana cookie, according to the sheriff's office. 

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office says the girl was found by her 25-year-old step brother.

He called 911 and told the dispatcher, "I think my little sister drank something. She's acting really weak like she can't even walk. She's drifting in and out. She says she drank something, but i don't see anything that she could have gotten into."

Investigators say when paramedics got there, the 4 year-old was lethargic and not responding. Neighbor Kelly Smith says "She was carried out by EMS and she was looking kinda limp. I was worried."
The little girl was taken to Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital.

"Early toxicology screenings came back positive for marijuana. How does a 4 year-old get marijuana in their system?", says Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

Investigators say they have information that leads them to believe she may have eaten a marijuana cookie in the house. Police say she has been staying with her mom and siblings at a mobile home in Independence Township.

The homeowner, who is not the girl's mother, tells 7 Action News there was no such cookie in the house and that the 4 year-old is now "doing fine".

Police say the little girl will be released from the hospital soon to the custody of her mother.

Child Protective Services is investigating.

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