Oakland County Health Division ensures restaurants take food safety precautions after flooding

(WXYZ) - With the recent widespread flooding in southeast Michigan, the Oakland County Health Division has taken steps to ensure restaurants take proper food safety precautions.

The county says they have been sending out public health officials to visit restaurants, assess their needs and provide assistance. They want to make sure restaurants are clean and are following appropriate emergency action plans. Health officials say they are responding to reports from the public and restaurant employees.

As of now, the Health Division has not found any major concern at restaurants even in the hardest hit areas in Oakland County, according to manager/health officer Kathy Forzley. She says restaurants are following emergency plans diligently.

"In order to protect consumers of Oakland County restaurants, our goal is to make sure establishments in the flooded areas are safe, well-informed and are connected to the resources and recovery assistance they need," Forzley said.

For information regarding food service establishments contact the Environmental Health Services at 248-424-7190.

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