One neighbor frustrated while another seems numb to violence in Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - "It happens a lot. You just think it's firecrackers. I just go on back to sleep," said Thomas Lovejoy about the shooting that happened a couple houses away from the home he and his wife have lived in for more than 40 years.

Talk to the 74-year-old east side Detroiter for a couple minutes and he'll tell you that he doesn't care about the shootings that go on around him.

He just minds his own business and says he doesn't even call 911 when he hears gunshots because he says it's going to take the police "a year to get here."

"I just go on back to sleep.. if I hear it," said Lovejoy who does show concern when it comes to the abandoned house across the street from his tidy home. "We try to keep it clean and hopefully others keep it clean, but some folks ain't gonna do it, you know that."

One of Lovejoy's neighbors calls news of the deadly shooting down the street frustrating. But she hangs onto hope that Detroit will see better days soon.

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