AT&T offers tips to help parents make sure their kids are using technology responsibly

(WXYZ) - Growing up in a digital world can be daunting, and now-- as students across Michigan are getting back into the classroom-- AT&T has offered some tips on how parents can make sure their kids are responsible when it comes to technology.

First, AT&T recommends parents get tech savvy. Have a chat with your kids about what websites they visit and what different types of social media they use. If they have a Twitter, follow them, or friend them on Facebook.

Secondly, check their privacy settings--but make sure your kid understands that no matter how private a page may be, anything sent over the internet can be shared.

Another good tip is make rules for texting; Let your child know that they should only be texting at certain times--maybe not until homework is done, or not past 10 at night.

AT&T also recommends setting clear boundaries on appropriate and inappropriate uses of technology. 

Communication with your kids is key. For more tips, go HERE.

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