FIRST ON 7: Governor Rick Snyder's video deposition

(WXYZ) - Only on 7, the video deposition of Governor Rick Snyder in Detroit's bankruptcy case. 

The Governor was in a three hour deposition on yesterday in Lansing.  Today, attorneys questioned State Treasurer Andy Dillion and the Governor's Aide, Rich Baird. 

The Governor said there was a criteria to hire an Emergency Manager for Detroit.  Was race part of that?  "That would be a factor of some consideration," the Governor answered. 

The Governor testified the decision to take Detroit into bankruptcy was Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr's.  When asked if Detroit City assets should be sold, he invoked attorney-client privilege. 

And when he asked his "view" of putting them on the table for sale, Governor Snyder said that would be the decision of the Emergency Manager of Detroit. 

The Governor has promised transparency but was stopped by an Assistant State Attorney General when he was asked about his private so-called NERD Fund.  The assistant AG argued it would outside the scope of the deposition. 

Then after a two minute break, the Governor said he did not who the donors are, that the fund is controlled by a board.  

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