Operation April Showers: Detroit Police raid suspected drug houses, find cocaine, heroin, guns

(WXYZ) - Detroit Police say 42 arrests were made, 17 marijuana plants, five pounds of processed marijuana and 52 baggies of coke and heroin confiscated during a series of raids on suspected drug houses Thursday night.

And Channel 7 cameras were rolling as police raided the homes.

“I want those who engage in criminal activity to stop.  That’s why we’re doing this,” said Chief Craig.

Sergeant Woody says 32 of the arrests made were felony charges including the arrest of three suspects wanted in connection with local homicide investigations.

Police conducted Operation April Showers as part of an ongoing effort between the department and partnering agencies to rid the city of criminal behavior. Police were led to many of the raided homes thanks to tips by neighbors who feared they were living next to a drug house.

And they were grateful when police showed up.

“Thank you. [I] appreciate it,” said a man who lives in the neighborhood.

Police found almost 90 rocks of cocaine, heroin and guns just in one home Thursday night.

“We’re going to keep coming back.  My commitment, my promise to the people who live, work and play in this city is that we are going to continue to deliver,” said Chief Craig.

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