Community Comment: Reaction to WXYZ's opinon on roads, lights, Head Start

WXYZ Detroit - Once again, it’s time to hear your opinions.  Here are some reactions to our most recent WXYZ Editorials.  Our criticism of the Detroit Public Schools for letting $4 million of federal Head Start money slip through its fingers prompted this comment from a Channel 7 viewer.

“Studies have proven that no matter how much pre-school or Head Start programs kids attend, by 3rd grade they are equal to kids that have had none.  Head Start is just a free babysitting service.”

  • Maxine

Our editorial linking the lack of progress on Michigan road repairs to the insecurity and inexperience of the term-limited state legislature drew this response from Roger Winston.

“Why aren’t lawmakers tackling the tough questions?  I think it’s because of partisan politics.  Billions of dollars that should be coming to Michigan for our roads and bridges are being wasted because our politicians in Washington and Lansing can’t get their act together.  And, we the people, have to suffer through these bombed out roads!”

And our pat on the back to the Detroit Lighting Authority didn’t go over so well with one longtime Detroit resident.  She writes:

“I am not pleased with the new lighting project.  The street lights in our neighborhood were fully operational and they illuminated widely.  The lighting department…replaced the lights with LED lights.  The LED lights have a narrow illumination.  These changes have created dark areas…and reduced our safety.  Once again, we are left to safeguard ourselves.”

  • Doreen

Doreen, if you send me information about what street you live on, I promise you we’ll deliver your complaint directly to top brass at the PLA.

Thanks for writing and for watching.  We always welcome your comments.

I’m Chuck Stokes, Editorial Director

Broadcast: July 10 - 13, 2014



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