Community Comment: Roads, Mackinac Conference Agenda & Detoit Government

WXYZ Detroit - Everyone complains about Michigan’s terrible roads and paying more taxes to fix them.  That’s the dilemma facing state lawmakers and voters.  Our recent editorial calling for increased roads funding triggered strong opinions.  

J.P. Woody sent us this message:

“How quick you are to point out that Michigan is 50th in  the nation for money spent on roads but fail to mention…that we already have the 6th highest gas tax.   …It’s time someone starts accounting for all the money and stop insisting we pay more!”

Victor Vraniak writes:

“I am a senior citizen on a fixed income whose pension is now being taxed by the State of Michigan.  …Therefore, I am strongly opposed to any tax increase to fix our roads. “

David Turnquist says:

“No more taxes for road repairs….  If you need more money, take it from the biggest boondoggle going, our education funding money.”

Our Mackinac Conference agenda editorial prompted this comment from Marie Wosik:

“I think the first concern should be dealing with the poor cement that is being put down (on our roads.)”

Eunice Rose of Southfield writes:

“I was happy with (your) editorial until I realized that no mention was made of funding for public transit…or roads and bridges.  …(Look) at what’s happening in our neighboring Cleveland, Ohio, i.e. the Healthline Rapid Bus system…that has brought $6 billion…in revenue from new development and businesses in…six years.”

And finally, Detroiter Thomas Wilson, Jr. reacted to our editorial praising Mayor Mike Duggan and the Detroit City Council, under the leadership of President Brenda Jones, for working together:

“…The Mayor and Council have no choice but to work together in…the predicament Detroit finds itself in.”    

That’s it for now.  Thanks for writing and watching. 

I’m Chuck Stokes, Editorial Director

Broadcast: June 12 - 15, 2014

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