Community Comment: Steve Utash attack hits a nerve

WXYZ Detroit - Our editorial on the Steve Utash attack drew a lot of written responses.  Here’s a sample of what we received.  Margaret Mutch wrote:

“The double standard…with the Steve Utash attempted murder is most troubling.  …Why did it take the black ministers here so long to speak out publicly as a group against such violence?  …It does not take jobs, education, or money to know right from wrong. 

McKenzie Higgins said:

“Beautifully articulated.  I enjoy these editorials but this one really hit home.  Thank you for echoing what what so many have said: ‘Where was the public outcry over this hate crime?  ..Where (was) Jesse Jackson?  Where (was) Al Sharpton?’  Let’s move on from these double standards.”

Carmen Williams sent us this message:

“The senseless beating of Mr. Utash was disgusting and unacceptable.  However, the daily homicides, car jackings, rapes and other heinous crimes are equally disgusting and unacceptable.”  …We need community leaders as well as the Mayor to be outraged everyday.”   

That’s it for now.  Thanks for writing and watching.

I’m Chuck Stokes, Editorial Director

Broadcast:  April 24 - 27. 2014

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