Editorial Reply: Warren Mayor urges "Vote No" on Proposal 1

WXYZ Detroit - Proposal One on the August 5 ballot is a hoax.

Lansing politicians who pushed through the disastrous State Fireworks Law, which I alone opposed, have done it again. It’s a hoax because it promises you everything – better schools, roads, neighborhoods – and lower taxes.  I say:  “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true.”

Well-financed special interest groups are behind this proposal promising jobs. They promise a new use tax that will be used against you. Large manufacturers will realize millions in profits at the expense of you, the taxpayers, while cities will likely lose millions.

Proposal One is worded to confuse you – not convince you.   Don’t be fooled.  Proposal One is a hoax.  Vote No on August 5.

I'm Jim Fouts, Warren Mayor

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