WXYZ Editorial: Mackinac Conference; Mayor Mike Duggan's progress & inclusiveness

WXYZ Detroit - There were a lot of good presentations at the annual Mackinac Policy Conference.  But one of the best was delivered by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.  He talked about leading a revolution of accountable changes.

These come from weekly measurable achievements he likes to call metrics.  He’s setting goals and holding those in charge accountable. 

We think it’s a very constructive way to run government, attack blight, improve public lighting and neighborhood housing.  We also commend the Duggan administration for being inclusive with Detroit City Council on all levels. Respect for each other is a must for establishing good relationships.  It takes both branches of government working together as a team to create a real renaissance.  

And as Detroit makes it comeback with help from Lansing legislators, we challenge city leaders to make diversity and inclusiveness a top business and community priority.  Don’t rely on the friends and family plan.  Award the job to the most qualified person.  Take advantage of Detroit’s greatest assets and don’t let others define our future. 

As one Mackinac Conference presenter put it, “A crisis is not a time to waste a great opportunity!”

I’m Ed Fernandez, Vice President & General Manager

Broadcast: May 30 - June 2, 2014

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