WXYZ Editorial: Congressman John Dingell's historic career an example for us all

Dearborn, MI. - When Congressman John Dingell, Jr. announced he would not seek another term in office, it was a statement heard around the world!  After nearly 60 years in Washington, the nation’s longest-serving member of Congress will soon retire.  His career in public service is a great example of why negotiation and compromise is far better for America than rigid partisan politics. 

Dingell takes pride in having authored or strongly supported landmark legislation for the environment, the auto industry, civil rights, gun ownership and health care.   As former chairman of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, he went after government and industry waste with gusto.  He has always been a hard-nosed power broker with a gentleman’s touch.  But most of all, Democrats and Republicans alike will tell you that he works hard and delivers first-rate service to his 12th District constituents. 

Dingell’s mind is still sharp as a tack but in recent years he has faced numerous health challenges.  He has also expressed “great disappointment” in the lack of legislation passed by this Congress.    Mean-spirited and partisan politics on both sides of the political aisle is eating away at the core of Washington and our democracy.  

The man many have affectionately called “Big John” for 58 years, is right when he says, “What unites us is far greater than what divides us!”   Remembering that is a good way for all of us to pay tribute to Congressman Dingell’s historic career and service.

I’m Mike Murri, Station Manager

Broadcast: February 27 - March 2, 2014


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