WXYZ Editorial: Crime in Detroit; Support Chief James Craig

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Crime – It is by far Detroit's biggest problem!  A barbershop triple murder, a Wayne State law student shot in the head, and even a one-year-old shot in the face!  We're fed up! 

So is Detroit's new police chief, James Craig.  That's why he led a police sweep last week.  Thirty-three arrests were made at one apartment building.   He's taking action!  In a recent survey conducted by Target Insyght, 66 percent of 500 Detroiters surveyed gave the chief a positive rating.  Still, we are hearing rumblings from some influential Detroiters who don't support Craig because he was hired by the city's emergency manager.  How ridiculous!  Just because he was picked by Kevyn Orr doesn't mean Craig is the wrong person for the job!  

"Hold me accountable and if I'm not doing the job I said I would do, then get rid of me!"

- Chief James Craig

Fair enough.  At the end of his first year as Detroit's top cop, Craig should be judged on HIS list of top priorities:

-          Continuing the decline of violent crime.

-          Shortening police emergency response time to 5 minutes.

-          And improving police officer morale.

With 386 murders last year, Detroit is a long way from being labeled a safe city.  In the last five years, the Motor City has also had six police chiefs.  That's outrageous!  Making Detroit a safer city will take bold, creative, and stable leadership!  All of us should give Chief James Craig a fair chance to prove his leadership!

I'm Ed Fernandez, Vice President & General Manager

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