WXYZ Editorial: Mayor Mike Duggan, Detroit City Council lead effectively after 100 days in office

WXYZ Detroit - Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and the Detroit City Council, under the leadership of President Brenda Jones, have been in office more than 100 days now.  With an emergency manager assisting them, they’ve been working hard to prepare Detroit for a brighter future.  They know that the eyes of the world are watching our city. 

We’re impressed with the no nonsense, professional tone, they established.  Unlike the past, there hasn’t been embarrassing or public infighting between the executive branch and the city’s legislative body.  Any disagreements have been ironed out behind closed doors.  The city’s business is getting done.  For example, there’s been significant progress on improving public lighting, helping small and large businesses cut through red tape, and removing blighted homes. 

For all those who doubted this leadership team, they are quickly making believers out of many.  We urge Mayor Duggan, Council President Jones and the entire Detroit City Council to keep moving the Motor City in the right direction.

I'm Mike Murri, Station Manager

Broadcast: May 1 - 4, 2014

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