WXYZ Editorial: 2014 Mackinac Conference action items for Michiagn

WXYZ Detroit - It’s a huge investment in Detroit and it comes at the perfect time.   JP Morgan Chase believes that pumping $100 million of loans and grants into Michigan’s largest city is a good bet.   We agree wholeheartedly!    Our city has a golden opportunity to come out of bankruptcy with economic strength and innovative ideas.    The five year commitment from JP Morgan Chase says to the rest of the world, “Bank on Detroit’s future and help a great American city grow again!”

The financial giant’s action feeds perfectly into the theme and agenda for this year’s Mackinac Policy Conference.   Entrepreneurship will be the buzz word at the most important business meeting in Michigan.  The Detroit Regional Chamber will ask more than 1500 movers and shakers this question:   How can individuals, government and companies make an impact on our state? 

Here’s what we hope the attendees hear and take action on. 

Number one:  Create and support innovative small and medium size businesses.  That’s our future workforce.  Also make sure Detroiters are trained for and included in these new jobs.  For too long, this region has depended on big business, big government and big unions.  

Number two:  Make increased funding to fix Michigan’s crumbling roads and bridges a top priority.  Michigan’s infrastructure looks like a third world state.

And number three:  Improve the quality of education in Michigan.  Increase funding for K through 12 education and make it more equalized.  Our students also need more science, math and engineering.  

We urge the Mackinac Conference to drive home these action items for our region and state.   We will not have a true renaissance without them.

I'm Mike Murri, Station Manager

Broadcast: May 23 - 26, 2014

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