WXYZ Editorial: Mr. President, declare federal aid for metro Detroit flood damage!

WXYZ Detroit - It wreaked havoc on many areas of Southeast Michigan!  Heavy rain last week flooded roads, basements, and neighborhoods at historic and record levels!  For thousands of people, their lives have been turned upside down! The more than 6 inches of rain that pummeled this region in one day was, in our opinion, a major disaster worthy of federal assistance. 

To report flood damage go to: www.michigan.gov/miflood

If America can come to the aid of nations around the world, surely it can help our own taxpaying citizens.  Local and state officials have been working hard to help clean up and assess the damage.  But for cities, homeowners, renters and businesses, the costs are expected to run into the millions.  Who will pay for the mess the floodwaters left?  The total costs will surely be more than local communities and the State of Michigan can handle alone.   

We applaud everyone for working together to address the crisis but help from the federal government is sorely needed.  In some areas, 75 percent of the homes were damaged.   Governor Rick Snyder is urging  citizens to report all of their losses this week.  Meeting that deadline is important.  Local community damage estimates will then be entered into a state database.  That information will help the Governor make a strong case for federal aid from Washington, D.C.  If funding is granted, it is imperative that Michigan leaders leave no money on the table.   Every penny should help those in need put their lives back together again. 

Mr. President, if there has ever been a time when Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties needed your help, it is now!  For details on where to report flood damage information, please go to wxyz.com.  

I’m Mike Murri, Station Manager

Broadcast: August 21 - 24, 2014



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