WXYZ Editorial: Pass Michigan security guard training bill now!

WXYZ Detroit - No amount of security guard training is a guarantee against the loss of a life.  But it is good insurance to help prevent such an act! 

McKenzie Cochrane recently died at Northland Center.  The 25 year old was handcuffed, pepper-sprayed and restrained by mall security guards.  A store owner felt threatened by the Ferndale man.  The tragic case is under investigation.

Michigan State Representatives Rudy Hobbs and Thomas Stallworth III have introduced a bill that would mandate security companies give at least basic training to their guards.  Classes would provide instructions in CPR, first-aid, tasers, pepper-spray, use of force and conflict resolution.  The proposed bill also outlines state regulatory powers.   As it now stands, Michigan is one of only seven states that don’t require security guard training unless you carry a gun.  That’s a serious problem!  More than 40 other states mandate training for security guards who might find themselves in harm’s way.

Some state lawmakers believe security guard firms should be deregulated.  We disagree and we strongly recommend the Michigan Legislature pass the Hobbs-Stallworth bill with all deliberate speed!

This kind of law might also ease the job protection fears the Detroit Police Department has over letting a private security firm guard Detroit buses.   They wouldn’t be replacing DPD, they would be assisting them. 

People who use our malls and public transportation deserve better protection, and private security guards deserve better guidelines from our state!

I’m Mike Murri.

Broadcast: February 20 - 23, 2014

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