WXYZ Editorial: Replacing blight with America's largest urban tree farm

WXYZ Detroit - There are many ways to fight blight and Detroit businessman John Hantz has one of the most unique ideas we’ve heard to date.  He intends in plant 15,000 trees on land where thousands of abandoned homes once stood.

Channel 7 will help Hantz with his project and we hope many others will join us, as well.  
Stephen Clark has reached out to our social media network and we encourage you to do the same.    
Hundreds of volunteers are needed this Saturday to help put the young trees in the ground.  

It’s relatively light work so if you can spare an hour or two, please join Stephen, other Channel 7 co-workers and a number of our viewers and social media friends to help plant 15,000 trees at the Hantz Woodlands project. This will begin the process of transforming many acres of land near Detroit’s Indian Village.  

Hantz’s for-profit business is being billed as the world’s largest urban tree farm.  Getting the Hantz Woodland project to this stage hasn’t been easy.There’s been controversy and red tape.   But the now the urban developer has the green light.  It’s a long-term investment that the city sorely needs. Here is your chance to do something to help rebuild our neighborhoods and make Detroit greener at the same time.Future generations will benefit from our vision.  For more information, go to wxyz.com.  

I’m Ed Fernandez, Vice President & General Manager

Broadcast: May 15 - 16, 2014

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