WXYZ Editorial: The Steve Utash attack demands fairness, unity and justice!

Detroit, Michigan - The recent mob attack on Steve Utash is one of the most senseless crimes we have ever seen.  Hopefully, the recent prayer vigil held here at Detroit’s Historic Little Rock Baptist Church will be the beginning of peace, unity and renewal in our city.

After Utash accidentally hit an 11-year-old with his truck, he did the right thing.  He stopped, got out of his vehicle and checked on the boy.  The brutal beating Utash then received has made headlines around the world and left the Clinton Township man hospitalized fighting for his life.  Utash is white, his attackers are black.  Deborah Hughes, a brave and retired nurse credited with saving Utash’s life is also black. 

Thankfully, many people of all different colors have stepped forward to express their outrage and contribute more than $150-thousand, to Utash’s medical fund.  With leadership from Detroit 300, some in the community where this crime took place also helped to identify those now charged with intent to murder and ethnic intimidation. 

But we wonder, if Steve Utash had been black and beaten by a white mob, how long would it have taken for some of Detroit and  America’s most recognizable and outspoken black leaders to call a press conference.  The delayed silence among some over the Utash crime is troublesome.

Fairness and justice should be a two way street, not a one-way street.  And we could use a lot more of both in this region. 

I’m Chuck Stokes, Editorial Director

Broadcast: April 11 - 12, 2014

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