WXYZ Editorial: Vote YES for Detroit Library, SMART Millage & Proposal 1

WXYZ Detroit - The August 5th Michigan Primary is a little more than two weeks away.  There will be a lot to choose from but three ballot proposals need, and deserve, your support! 

In Detroit, voters will be asked to renew a 10-year Public Library Millage. The 4.0 mills account for 86 percent of the library’s funding.   Each day, hundreds of people use the various library resources and their more than 700 computers.  It’s a vital link to literacy, employment and the world’s information highway. 

Since Proposal L is a renewal, there will be no additional cost to taxpayers.  We encourage you to vote YES! 

In Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties, the future of the SMART bus system will be in your hands.  The chief executives for all three counties are recommending increasing the 0.59 millage to 1 mill.  Thousands of people each week depend on SMART for their jobs and quality of life.  It is vital we update the aging buses and keep the fleet rolling past 2015.  We urge you to vote YES! 

And finally, all voters in Michigan will get a chance to cast their ballots on complicated Proposal 1.   Most important, it doesn’t raise taxes.  In short, it gets rid of the personal property tax for most businesses and reorganizes the Michigan Use Tax to make-up for cities’ lost revenue.  It would help create jobs, grow small businesses, and provide dedicated revenue to local police, fire, EMS and school districts.  

Please vote YES on Proposal 1, SMART and Proposal L.   All three move Michigan forward!

I’m Mike Murri, Station Manager

Broadcast: July 17 - 20, 2014


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