Lobbying lawmakers for $350 million for Detroit's bankruptcy

(WXYZ) - Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is spending two days in Lansing lobbying Michigan Legislators to pass $350 million in state money for Detroit's bankruptcy so-called grand bargain. 

The money would save the collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts from being sold and soften pension cuts for 23,000 Detroit city retirees. 

Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger maintains his position that Detroit employee labor unions must kick in some of their legal war chest in the process before he will allow a vote on the $350 million in his chamber. 

Orr met with Bolger privately but after the meeting Bolger said he has not changed his position not has anyone including the Governor asked him to change. 

The timing is critical as ballots will be mailed to all retirees and creditors asking them to vote on the Detroit Plan of Adjustment based on this state money.


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