Ortonville family fed up with flooded yard

(WXYZ) - Neighbors call it Lake Rissell.

But Lake Rissell isn’t a lake at all; it’s the body of water that never seems to go away from the front yard of Mike and Amy Rissell.

“We’ve dealt with it for the past 12-14 years,” says mike Rissell.

When the Rissells moved into their home of Douglaston Road in Ortonville 14 years ago the water was there, but not as much, and they thought it was left from a recent heavy rain and since the seller didn’t disclose the issue they thought it would go away.

But it didn’t, so the Rissell’s started spending money on landscaping.

“It’s just a temporary fix until it gets washed away again and we’ve spent thousands of dollars,” says Amy Rissell.

But this pond has grown. The Rissells tell Action News when the subdivision expanded and a contractor with the Oakland County Road Commission graded and paved the road uphill, it caused more water to enter their front yard, or what’s left of their front yard.

“We’ve tried contacting the road commission, and they’ve come out an looked at it,” says Mike Rissell.

But that’s all the road commission did, looked and left. Now the water gushes into the property and it sits during all seasons. In the spring and summer, the stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos.

The Rissels say utility crews have already replaced one telephone pole after it became rotted. They have also lost a large evergreen tree and fear their biggest tree left standing will be the next to go, it’s leaning.

“I don’t think we could sell the house if we wanted," says Amy Rissell.

Action News contacted an Oakland County Commissioner who says he’ll contact the road commission to assess the problem.

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