Outrage over killing of rare white, white-tailed buck at Kensington Metropark

MILFORD, Mich. (WXYZ) - It isn’t unusual to see wildlife at Kensington Metro Park, but what photographer Lou Waldock saw one day is unusual to see anywhere.

“You are driving through the park and all of the sudden you can’t believe your eyes,” Lou said of his experience.

What he saw was a white, white-tailed buck. It was an encounter that would change his habits.

“After I ran into him a few times I learned his habits. I would go out before dark, about an hour and a half, and I would wait. He would just materialize out of nowhere. To see him, the feeling is indescribable. He’s like a magical being. You felt privileged to be in his presence,” said Waldock.

“His coat was the nicest coat I had ever seen and he had these blue eyes,” said Carl Sams, a wildlife photographer who saw the deer in his backyard in Milford, near the park.

Carl Sams, who happens to run a business with his wife out of his home creating wildlife photography children’s books, saw the deer many times in his backyard. He watched it grow from a fawn to an 8-point buck.

“It is like a miracle.  A white white-tailed deer showing up in a wildlife photographer’s yard. I couldn’t believe it,” said Sams.

When Sams didn’t see the deer for a while he was worried. Then he heard from photographers in the area it had been seen at Kensington Metro Park. He was relieved. He thought at the park it would be safe.

Then, at a park meeting Sams and Waldock learned the deer had been killed. It happened during a hunt aimed to control herd population. The park service shot it.

7 Action News called park leadership for comment on how and why this happened. We were told repeatedly someone would return our call, but at the publishing of this article had not received word.

“It is such a shame,” said Waldock. “They were given a beautiful gift, and they squandered it.”

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