Owner of crumbling Detroit building answers questions

(WXYZ) - Joel Landy is well known around Midtown, because he owns numerous properties in the area.

Some are shining examples of historic gems, but others barely pass as buildings, including the structure at 5734 Woodward Avenue.

When asked what his plans are for the place, Landy said he wants to build lofts and retail stores. He believes the project can be done in 18 months.

It's a big dream for a partial building. 

People who live and work around it are worried someone is going to get seriously hurt. There have already been reports of bricks falling, hitting people in the head and damaging property.

"What's more important, the citizens or keeping this old building up?" asked Kawkab Matti. 

A spokesperson for the City of Detroit told Action News on Monday that the building is on the city's demo list. Landy says that is no longer the case. He said he has a building permit and the demolition has been deferred.

Landy also says he has taken steps to secure what's left of the place until restoration work can get underway. 

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