Owners find metal-laced pet food on subdivision streets

Pet owners in one local subdivision are finding metal laced food while out walking their dogs.

Residents of the Central Park South subdivision tell 7 Action News that it's been happening since October.

The neighborhood is located near Geddes and Beck roads in Canton.

Carol Baker says her husband was out walking their dogs last week in their neighborhood and made a disturbing discovery.

"He found some little bits of food. It had metal in it ... like needles embedded in the food," says Baker.

Fortunately, the Bakers' dogs did not eat the food, but Carol Baker says their neighbors weren't so lucky.

Their neighbors dogs ate the tainted treats last fall.

"They had to have some surgery. It's a serious situation. As a result, we've been trying to stay in touch with the police," she says.

There are reports that the tainted food has been spotted more than a dozen times since the fall. 7 Action News has made several calls to Canton police for more details, but they have not gotten back to us.

Baker and her neighbors are just hoping it all comes to an end before any other pets are hurt or even killed.

"Obviously someone has an agenda. We love our dogs. We feel like we should be able to walk our dogs without the fear of someone trying to harm them," she says.

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