Pair steals credit cards in Birmingham

(WXYZ) - Strolling out of Target in Southfield, a couple looked perfectly ordinary.  It was hard for anyone to suspect they were on a shopping spree with stolen credit cards.

The pair stole the cards in the blink of an eye at a restaurant Birmingham.

"I put my purse beside me by the glass wall-- basically-- in Panera,” said the unidentified victim.

“Either it was when I left momentarily to get some coffee or while I was sitting. Clearly my wallet was taken out and my cards were taken out."

The couple was caught on surveillance video inside the Target.

The woman could be seen walking into the electronic section looking for help finding some items.

The man joined her and the pair continued to browse.

Finally, they settled on two iPad Airs which totaled more than $1200.  They swiped the stolen debit card and had it run as a credit card.

The pair then got into another checkout lane where the woman bought eight $100 gift cards, a few household items, and some gossip magazines.  Her purchase there totaled $900.

The man with her was next in line with close to $150 in more gift cards.  She used the debit card a third time to pay for those items.

"One of the things that I was surprised by is that the sales associates did not ask for I.D.,” said the victim.  Even though these were large purchases and peculiar… eight gift cards might raise a flag as to why this is happening."

Perhaps encouraged by their easy score, the couple left Target and headed for Somerset Collection where they used a stolen credit card to buy a $2,100 Mac laptop.

Their victim did not realize her accounts were being pillaged until a few hours later.

“I saw the alerts saying that my account potentially  was… there was a fraud on it and then I looked into my wallet and I realized my cards are not there," said the victim.

The victim’s bank will replace the stolen money, but Birmingham Police still need help to catch the couple.

Investigators are hoping someone recognizes them before they strike again.

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