Parents bitter with school weather closure guidelines

FARMINGTON, Mich. (WXYZ) - As the arctic blast prompts schools in our area to close, the cold isn't the only reason why parents in Farmington are bitter.

"I actually didn't sleep well last night," said Farmington parent Heather Kazmierczak, "Because I kept checking the internet thinking the kids are going to have the day off.  So when it got to be 6 AM, and nothing was reported, I was a little discouraged."

Give Kazmierczak some credit though. The mother of two tried to drive her boys to their bus stop today, but just couldn't get up an icy hill.

"And I just backed down and that was it," said Kazmierczak, "They weren't going to school if I couldn't get them to the bus stop to get them there."

She, along with scores of other parents, took their frustrations to Facebook; specifically the Farmington Public Schools page.

"I saw a lot of emotions [on the site]." said Kazmierczak, "It was just a fueling and fueling of everyone's comments. There were a lot of upset people."

"We use a guideline." said Sue Zurvalec, Superintendent of Farmington Public Schools, "We use a guideline of about 7 inches of snow.  But at that point in time [Thursday morning], we weren't expected to get that much snow."

Farmington Public Schools says while it acknowledges family frustrations, Friday's school closing is purely the result of once again following district guidelines.

"We always get people who disagree with our decision to open or close school." said Zurvalec, "When we close school, we have parents that say, ‘Why did you close school?' And when you make a decision to stay open, we get the opposite."

"I think they should re-evaluate how they make decisions to close." said Kazmierczak.

Whether or not those guidelines see any winds of change, brace yourselves. It's going to be a cold one Friday.

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