Parents concerned over Halloween party flyer passed out at school

(WXYZ) - Some parents in the Wayne-Westland School District are upset to learn flyers were distributed in schools for this event, "HalloWayne Weekend."

The event is being put on by the Wayne Chamber of Commerce and Chris Sanders.

Sanders had been convicted in past with a list misdemeanors stemming from supplying minors with alcohol.

Some parents remembered our reports from 2011 concerning Sanders and contacted 7 Action News.

Sanders was ordered to stay away from children back then.

"This person has a history and a pattern of behaving inappropriate with children," said a parent who wanted to remain anonymous. "I've seen the reports in Riverview… we don't want those kinds of problems kids.  They have enough to worry about."

We got answers from Sanders by phone.  He told 7 Action News he is tired of talk of his criminal past resurfacing.

"It's unfortunate that some parents have a misconception of what my past legal problems are.   However this is a community event sponsored by many, many businesses this is a way for some people to thwart the growth of this event.   I have moved on and it is time for them to do the same," said Sanders.

While some parents remained concerned  that the hotline number on the flyers was Sanders' cell phone, Sanders maintains he just wants to continue a positive event in the community.

There are 100 businesses involved in the event, which will take place Saturday, October 26th.

"We're going to bring 6000 to 10,000 people to downtown Wayne… their negativity may have a chance to soil the growth of this event," said Sanders.

7 Action News took action to find out if the Wayne Chamber of Commerce President knew of the past convictions.

"At first I was put off by it," said Wayne Chamber of Commerce President Stanley Shelton.  "But I did my research I spoke to a lot people who said he was a great guy and he is a long time resident of Wayne."

According to Shelton, the chamber had gotten permission, along with Sanders to pass out the flyers in schools.

"I took them into the schools with him.  They all knew him.  All of the secretaries said hi."

According to the Wayne-Westland Schools Superintendent he did not know about Sander's involvement.

After speaking with 7 Action News about some of the parents concerns, he said the flyers will no longer be distributed through the school.

A city council member was reluctant to speak to 7 Action News, but he mentioned  some of the tension surrounding the issue is political. 

According to he chamber's president there are a hundred of sponsors of the event and for a few years it has been a positive event in the community. 

He hopes it continues to do well.

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