Parents in hot water after allowing 2-year-old to drive

(RICHLANDS, North Carolina) - A North Carolina couple is facing criticism after allowing their 2-year-old son to drive a car.

According to the toddler's mother, Angelina Madrid, they were headed towards their home in Richlands when little Giovanni asked if he could drive. 

That's when Madrid admits she had a momentary "lapse in judgment" and allowed her son to sit on her lap and steer the vehicle.

A concerned Facebook user was shocked when she noticed the video posted on Madrid's page.

"The kid could possibly die if something were to happen," said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous.

Giovanni's father is a Marine and now his family is concerned the situation could jeopardize his future in the military.

Needless to say, the family insists Giovanni won't be behind the wheel anytime soon.

Legal experts say putting a child behind the wheel violates child restraint laws and other traffic laws.

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