Pastor calls for donations to help driver attacked in Detroit

(WXYZ) - For 17 years, Steve Utash has been driving down Morang in Detroit on his way to and from work.

But on Wednesday, the 54-year old never made it to his destination.

Surveillance video shows an 11-year-old boy stepped out in front of his pick-up. 

The Clinton Township hit him- then stopped to help.  The boy suffered minor injuries, but an enraged crowd at the scene still turned on Steve.

"It's hard to see him laying in bed not knowing who we are or where he is or what's going on," said Steve's daughter, Felicia. 

As Steve lies in critical condition, police are reviewing video from a nearby gas station, searching for those who attacked him.

A pastor who is part of the Change Agent Consortium is calling on churches to help this family pay for his medical bills.

"Great people rise up in challenging times so I would challenge the congregation, let's not think about ourselves, but turning tragedy into a triumph of the human spirit," said Senior Pastor David Bullock at Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church. 

Bullock says the idea came to him as he reflected Friday on the 46th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination.

"When we live in ethnic silos, bad things happen," said Bullock. 

He says while there is no evidence this was a hate crime- he believes sometimes people fail to see the humanity in those they see as outsiders.

He hopes to bring people together with action and faith to help a family in need.

The family of the driver has also set up a fund to help pay for his medical expenses.

Their goal is to raise $50,000 for their father. You can find the donation page by clicking here.