Paying for Detroit bankruptcy consultant bills; Complaint filed over transparency

(WXYZ) - There are more bills and trouble over transparency and how much consultants are being paid. 

Detroit City Council President Saunteel Jenkins tells 7 Action News she has not seen any of the bills nor has she been given an explanation why they are being paid so much. 

The latest totals for the highest paid consultants is more than $60 million.  Jenkins also points out the state agreed to pay half of the amount.  But a State Treasury spokesman says that was before the Emergency Manager was appointed and before bankruptcy. 

The state has paid about $5 million toward consultants. 

The Bankruptcy Court has appointed a Fee Examiner, the first ever in a Chapter 9 Municipal case.  His name is Bob Fishman, a Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney who is paid $600 an hour and he has a financial expert to help who is paid $442 an hour.  The Examiner's reports on the bills will be issued quarterly.  The first one is due in January.

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