People react to Detroit teacher's dismissal after she tried to break up fight with broom

(WXYZ) - Punches were exchanged and desks toppled over during a fight in class between two ninth grade students at Pershing High School.

In a video that has quickly gone viral on the internet, A female teacher, is seen hitting one of the students with a broom in an attempt to get them to stop

Maalek Jebreel, a ninth grader, said the incident has been the talk of the school.

“When I see the video, he was giving it to that dude, man,” Jebreel told 7 Action News.  “I think she did what she thought she had to do.”

The students involved in the fight were suspended. The Education Achievement Authority dismissed the teacher. The EAA is the state-run system that has taken over poor performing schools in Detroit. The decision to terminate the teacher has upset some parents.

“I feel like she was right,” said LaTanya Hall, whose daughter attends Pershing.  “I’m not even going to lie, if it was my child that get hit with the broom, I wouldn’t have been mad because these kids need discipline.”

A woman who declined to give her name said her son witnessed the incident.  She also supports the teacher.

“I think she should get her job back, I really do,” she said.  “She’s a good teacher.”

The EAA released a statement that said the teacher would have the opportunity to meet with Board of Directors over the termination recommendation when it meets June 17. In the meantime, she is out of a job. And has little recourse.

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