Pet owners protect your dog from chocolate this Halloween season

WXYZ - Poisonarning from veterinarians to dog lovers about the dangers of letting them eat chocolate.


The majority of dogs are attracted to the smell and taste of chocolate. But the reality is that the chemicals in chocolate can make your dog very sick or even be deadly. Methylaxanthines which are similar to caffeine are what makes the animal sick and the darker the chocolate the worse your dog will feel.

Just 2 to 3 ounces of Baker's chocolate can make a 50 pound dog extremely ill. White chocolate though is less dangerous because it contains lower levels of methylxanthines but the high fat content could result in pancreatitis.

Other things to watch out for are candy wrappers. Dogs will eat these because they smell of candy buy the wrappers of foil and cellophane can lead to bowel obstruction. You need to watch for vomiting, decreased appetite and no bowel movement. If your dog shows these signs take him to a vet for x-rays.

Some people think that healthy human foods are good for dogs. But if you feed your dog raisins or grapes it can cause kidney failure. Plus most dogs will overindulge themselves and if they eat a high quantity of sugar it can lead to pancreatitis.

Halloween glow sticks, glow jewelry and costumes can also be dangerous. Every year, Pet Poison Helpline receives numerous calls concerning animals that have punctured and chewed on glow sticks and glow jewelry. While not usually life-threatening, they can cause mouth pain and irritation, as well as profuse drooling and foaming at the mouth.

If you dress your dog or cat in a costume, be sure it doesn't impair his vision, movement or air intake. If the costume has metallic beads, snaps or other small pieces, be aware that some metals can result in serious poisoning if ingested.

If your pet gets into the chocolate this Halloween you can call the Pet Poison Helpline at 1-800-213-6680.


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