PHOTO: President Barack Obama has a Petoskey stone on his desk in the Oval Office

(WXYZ) - What's that in President Obama's hand? Sure enough, a White House photographer captured an image of the president playing with a Petoskey stone - Michigan's state stone - while on the phone in the Oval Office.

The photograph was taken on December 6, 2012, by photographer Pete Souza.

This morning, Souza sent a link to the image out on Twitter with the message, "Okay Michiganders, this photo is for you. Pres Obama w Petoskey stone."

Petoskey stones are really fossilized coral. Like the one in the photograph, they are often polished and turned into souvenirs.

According to Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality, Governor George Romney made the Petoskey stone Michigan's official state stone in June of 1965.


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