Plane problem threatens spring break plans for high school students bound for the Bahamas

ROMULUS (WXYZ) - Instead of enjoying the sun in the Bahamas with classmates who were booked on other flights, about 30 seniors from Andover High School made frantic calls to their parents, looking for help when a mechanical problem threatened to shorten their spring break.

Allie Lisner to ld Action News, "Now my goal is to get there in the next two days."

Action News met with the frustrated teenagers at the airport after some parents contacted us.

"You guys got here a half-hour ago and more has happened in the past 30 minutes than the past six hours," vented one teenager. "They didn't do anything like this until you guys got here."

A spokesperson for U.S. Airways says they were eventually able to accommodate the students on other flights that will be leaving late Friday and taking some of the teens to New York and some to Miami for overnight layovers.

A representative for Cadillac Travel tells Action News that because of the busy holiday weekend, the airline could not get the students to the Bahamas today, as planned. But all of the students will be in Nassau by 2:00 p.m. Saturday.

We're told when the plans for the spring break vacation were made months ago, parents were told that chaperones would be flying with the teenagers, but now several teenagers will be flying without one because the airline could not accommodate a chaperones on certain flights because they were already at capacity.

We're told parents of those students gave approval for them to fly without a chaperone. But chaperones will be with the teenagers during the unplanned, overnight layovers in Miami and New York.

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