Police investigate alleged malice and abuse in baseball bat beating death of German Shepherd

WHITE LAKE TOWNSHIP (WXYZ) - "Stop beating the dog," is what Linda Lorenzen said she pleaded to the man who was beating her family's nine-year-old German Shepherd, Duke, with a baseball bat.

Tuesday morning, Lorenzen said she was watching Duke and their German Shepherd puppy, Ginger, in the backyard, but when she stepped away for just a moment, Duke jumped over a portion of the fence that is only about two-feet high and made out of something similar to chicken wire.

We're told the neighbor's pit bull was outside on a leash. The two dogs began to fight when one of the neighbor's friends grabbed a baseball bat to stop Duke.

The man tells White Lake Township Police that he hit the dog twice. But Lorenzen says she witnessed him hitting Duke with the bat about 25 times, all the while pleading with him to stop.

Duke died from his injuries.

White Lake Township Police are investigating and will present their findings to the prosecutor for possible charges. Police, who say the man also reported a dog bite to his hand, are trying to determine if there was any unnecessary abuse or overkill involved.

Duke's body has been sent to Lansing for an examination that might determine just how many times he was struck.

Police are also seeking any other witnesses to the incident.

Duke's family has launched a Facebook page, Justice for Duke, to get the story out about what happened to their beloved dog.

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