Police investigate incident that killed shopper at Menards

(WXYZ) - We are learning new details about the death of a man at Menards in Chesterfield Township.   

Chesterfield Township Police Lt. Bradley Kersten tells Seven Action News it happened around 10:30 a.m. Saturday as a worker moved merchandise.

"He was using a hi-lo to store items on the upper rack, and customers were walking through the aisle,” said Lt. Kersten. 

It is not clear if the hi-lo driver had a spotter.  Some of the aisle was blocked off, but it proved not to be enough.  A pallet of ceramic tile fell from a rack 15-feet above them.  It hit 38-year-old Richard Colletti as he shopped with his wife.  Colletti died as a result of the injuries. 

Chesterfield Township Police say the investigation is still underway, but no criminal charges are expected.

Seven Action News reached out to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration to see if it was investigating.  We learned that though it happened in  place of business, it is not in the MIOSHA jurisdiction.  It only  looks into such accidents when employees are hurt.

Because such accidents are in the hands of local police it is hard to find out exactly how common they are until there is a lawsuit.  Seven Action News started going though court records and found that warehouse stores similar to Menards have reported receiving thousands of reports of injuries from items falling off high shelving in warehouse stores.

Seven Action News reached out to Menard’s corporate offices for comment.  So far they have not responded. 

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