Police investigating whether a death is connected to a rave in Novi

(WXYZ) - Novi detectives are interviewing people who knew a young man found dead along Grand River Sunday morning.

They are looking into whether he was at a rave put on at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi. 

Thousands of people danced while getting sprayed with paint during the event. The Life in Color "World's Largest Paint Party" ended at 2:00 a.m. 

"They kicked everybody out in the cold," said Cassidy Manetta, who went to the party. 

"It just got out of hand," said Joseph Johnson, owner of Gatsby's, a restaurant just down the road from the concert.

He says soon crowds of people came to his business as he was trying to close.  Some were dressed in shorts and tanks.  They were looking for shelter from the freezing rain.  They were covered in paint, and found that taxis and hotel shuttles they relied on were not interested in giving them a ride.

"I called the police.  They said there was nothing they could do.  I didn't turn them away.  I helped who I could," said Johnson.

The next day, when police found a young man's body near a fence next to a business a short distance from the Paint Party, Johnson and party-goers wondered if he was one of the young men who couldn't get a ride after the event.

Police say they don't have the answer.

"I understand they can't provide for 3,000 people, but we should have had somewhere warm to stand," said Manetta.

When 7 Action News started looking into the event we learned it kept Emergency rooms busy.  We learned that numerous area hospitals took in party-goers.  Fifteen were treated at Providence Park Hospital alone.

This isn't the first time people have had health problems after "Life in Color" events.

According to published news reports, there have been incidents in Missouri, Connecticut, and Washington.

7 Action News spoke to Life in Color CEO Sebastian Solano.  He says his company is looking into what happened in Novi.  He says the company has hired a medical director to improve safety at the company's shows.   He says concert organizers are cautious, and that is often why so many people are taken to the hospital.

As for why so many ended up in the hospital,  doctors tell us some were drinking. Plus, people at the party tell us drugs were everywhere.  The drug of choice for many was Molly.  The Drug Enforcement Agency says Molly is a dangerous designer drug, a pure form of ecstasy, and it has surfaced recently at numerous large music events.

Meantime, police are not yet releasing the name of the young man found dead.  They are waiting for toxicology results to help determine how he died, or whether he used any drugs such as Molly.

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