POLICE: Murder suspect details final moments of Farmington woman's life

FARMINGTON (WXYZ) - William Dhondt reportedly told detectives in Farmington that his deadly attack on his girlfriend lasted about four minutes.

Police detailed Dhondt's confession in court as the 28-year-old restaurant worker was arraigned on a charge of First Degree Premeditated Murder.

"The defendant slammed her head into the floor repeatedly causing her to bleed from her head," said Farmington Detective Andrew Morche as he spoke to the judge arraigning Dhondt on Tuesday.

Morche went on to talk about how Dhondt told investigators that he used his hands to strangle Kaitlin Hehir as she "struggled and fought for her life". 

The investigation began around 10 p.m. Saturday night when Dhondt called 911 to report his live-in girlfriend missing, claiming she picked him up from work then left the house again to head back to a gathering she had been at earlier in the evening and never returned.

Farmington Police arrived at the house a short time later and officers say after Dhondt allowed them inside to look around, they found bloody plastic in the garage.

Officers obtained a search warrant and discovered Hehir's body parts in containers.

Police say Dhondt waived his right to remain silent and told detectives that he and Hehir, 29, were arguing when he hit in her in the face with a glass cup. Dhondt reportedly went on to say that he beat Hehir with his fists before strangling her and then dragging her body to the basement.

It was there that he used various tools to cut Hehir's body up and put the pieces in containers he stored around the house.

Until the case is moved to Oakland County Circuit Court, it will be handled in Berkley's district court.

Hehir worked as a clerk for the district court in Farmington where the judges have recused themselves.

Police and an online database indicate that Dhondt and Hehir lived together on Colchester in Farmington. But Hehir's relatives tell 7 Action that while they were in a relationship, they were not living together.

Police are not saying what sparked the argument between Dhondt and Hehir.

We're told Dhondt, who is being held without bond, has prior convictions for misdemeanor embezzling and driving under the influence.

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