Southfield Police officer saves 11-year-old dog that collapsed after being rescued from burning home

SOUTHFIELD (WXYZ) - "I love taking care of the animals any way I can," says Southfield Police Officer Robert White who saved an 11-year-old dog that collapsed from smoke inhalation.

Little Valentino's owner was away at work when a fire started in the home on Sutherland Street in Southfield Wednesday afternoon.

A neighbor notified Southfield firefighters about the dog and they were able to find Valentino and carry him out of the burning home that had filled with smoke.

Valentino appeared to be healthy when he was brought outside, but soon after White, the animal warden, drove off with Valentino to get him away from the commotion, the little Terrier mix took a turn for the worst.

"I was talking to him and he just stopped breathing and collapsed," said Officer White who immediately began CPR on Valentino. "I was able to cup around his nose and his mouth and breathe into him that way."

White then rushed Valentino to BluePearl Veterinary Specialists in Southfield where the treatment has included being in an oxygen chamber.

The best news is that Valentino is expected to make a full recovery, and while insurance will cover some of the property his owner lost, it won't cover Valentino's vet bills.

Anyone interested in helping with Valentino's medical care can drop off a donation directly to BluePearl Veterinary Specialists located at 29080 Inkster Road in Southfield. The facility is just north of Twelve Mile Road.

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