Police still search for suspect in Clinton Township double murder

(WXYZ) - Police continue to search for the person responsible for the brutal murders of a Clinton Township mother and her young daughter.

Tina Geiger, 47, and her 11-year-old daughter Christina, who were mentally disabled, were found dead in their apartment in July.

The two were stabbed to death with some type of sharp object.

Tina's sister Cheryl Gladieux has been shattered ever since the killings. 

Friday afternoon, she read a poem to 7 Action News.

"The moment that you died, my heart was torn in two," said Gladieux.  "Once side filled with heartache… the other died with you."

According to family members, the murders still keep them up at night.

"I miss them a lot," said Tina's nephew Spencer Walters.  "Thinking about them at night it just hurts."

"It's very hard," said Gladieux.   "It's very hard.  I think of them all the time.  When I pray at night I tell her I'm sorry  you had to go this way. For her and my niece, I'm sorry they had to die like that."

As investigators search for clues, a killer remains on the loose.

At one time, 29-year-old Jay Thomas Miller was brought in for questioning by detectives.

He ended up getting charged with Lying To a Police Officer and Resisting And Obstructing Police Officers in connection to the case.

Miller recently served 91 days in jail and was released.

Gladieux is also pleading with the community to come forward with tips even if tips are anonymous.

"Please somebody come forward," Gladieux.  "Somebody has got to know something."

The family isn't giving up hope.

They wear T-shirts with the pictures of the murdered mother and daughter to spread awareness this unthinkable crime has not been solved.

Walters recently formed a band called "TCG Prevails."  TCH are Tina and Christina Geiger's initials.

"Hopefully it's been long enough that someone feels guilty enough to come forward because I don't believe nobody knows nothing… or maybe the person who did it feels guilty enough just to come forward," said Gladieux.  "I want this to end.  I don't want this to be a cold case."

Clinton Township Police also believe there are people out there who know something about the case. 

They are asking anyone to come forward with any type of information even if it is the slightest clue. 

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