Popular rock star and Michigan's Secretary of State have something very much in common these days

Michigan, USA (WXYZ) - Rock star Fergie and Ruth Johnson, Michigan's Secretary of State have something very much in common these days.

They are singing the same tune, urging people to get out and register to vote in the November 6th election. The deadline is October 9th.

Fergie and a host of other celebrities are literally singing their message in an inspiring song titled L.O.V.E. which stands for Let One Voice Emerge and Johnson has been rocking and rolling around the state in a van which is serving as a mobile SOS office.

Statistics from the voter participation Center show that more than 60 percent of unmarried women, minorities and young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 are not registered to vote and they make up more than 50 percent of the eligible voting population.

Johnson says, " voting is a fundamental freedom and responsibility in our country and I encourage every citizen who is not registered to take a few moments and do so."

Some music lovers say while the song LOVE and it's catchy tune may not hit the top of the charts, it's chorus certainly sends a clear message about the power of every voice.  Some of the singers call it their "love song to America."

You can hear the song on You Tube and you can register to vote by going to your nearest Secretary of State's office.  Remember the deadline is October 9th.


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